Why should I have my trees pruned?

Tree pruning is a very broad term and something most people do incorrectly. Like any other trade, the art of tree pruning takes years to master and is acquired through extensive training. At Destito Tree Services, we stay abreast of the latest developments in our field through involvement with trade organizations including Mass Arbor Association and Tree Care Industry Assocation (TCI).

Proper tree pruning is essential for your trees continued health and resistance to storms. Proper tree pruning by a licensed arborist may be more expensive than services provided by a non-licensed company, but we help you understand the added benefit of qualified tree pruning and what you are paying for.

Our Services


Large Shade Tree Pruning

The purpose of large shade tree “pruning” is to relieve the excess weight throughout the entire crown of the tree (to prevent damage from ice and snow and high winds), to obtain more filtered sunlight and to remove any deadwood that is present.

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Ornamental Tree Pruning

Ornamental tree pruning shapes your smaller trees, such as Dogwoods or Crabapples.  Pruning helps obtain, and then maintain, proper shape and thinness to achieve the best results for the tree.


Hazardous/Large Tree Removal

Destito Tree Services specializes in large, hazardous tree removal We use a crane or bucket truck operated by one of our trained professionals in conjunction with expert tree climbers for the more inaccessible areas.

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Tree Planting & Landscaping

Contact Destito Tree Services for your free landscape consultation.  Whether it is to provide shade, create a privacy screen or simply add aesthetic appeal, we can help fulfill your landscaping goals.

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Firewood by the Bag


Wholesale Firewood for Sale – ⅓ Cord Minimum, Sold by the Bag.

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We will be happy to schedule an appointment with you to go over your tree care and landscaping needs through pre-construction, construction and post construction. Click here to contact us.